Bloomfield Emergency Medical Services, Inc.
Thomas Pelaia
Celeste Gagliardi
Vice - Chairperson
John Montesano
Celeste Gagliardi
Rec. Secretary
Timothy Kane
Laurence Karosen
Board member
Richard Kinder
Board Member
Donna Williams
Board Member
Terry Fucci
Board Member
Board Members
Just as major corporations have a governing Board of Trustees, so does BEMS. The
major functions of the Board center around overseeing the use of funds. Major
purchases must be presented to and approved by the Board of Trustees. Any time
BEMS wishes to alter its constitution, this must also be approved by the Board. The
Board of Trustees prevents a small group of BEMS members from voting in actions
that may not be in the best interest of the organization.

The Board of Trustees is primarily composed of individuals not affiliated with the active
membership. Board members are selected as individuals who have a significant
interest in the township or Bloomfield EMS, and who may have a special background
or talent which they can lend to BEMS (i.e. attorney, accountant, etc.)